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Peter’s Plumbing Offers 24/7 Plumbing Services

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Free In-Home Estimates for All Your Plumbing Needs

When home or business owners throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County need fast, reliable plumbing services, they contact the experts at Peter's Plumbing Inc.. Our knowledgeable and experienced plumbers have been trained to handle a wide variety of plumbing issues. We utilize best-in-class equipment to ensure that your plumbing issues are resolved quickly the first time. Our technicians know you can’t schedule a plumbing emergency. Luckily, you can always contact our office for 24/7 emergency plumbing service. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Services Offered at Peter's Plumbing Inc.

Leak Detection & Repair

Low water pressure and soft, soggy soil near your home may mean that you have a water main leak. We utilize the latest technology to quickly and accurately detect a water leak in your home or office's plumbing and work to provide comprehensive repairs.

Tankless Water Heater Service

Tankless water heaters offer home and business owners various benefits, including a more compact size, reduced energy costs, and better efficiency than traditional boilers. Our professionals can install or repair your home's tankless water heater system.

Clear Drain Clog / Blockage

When grease, hair, food, and scum build up along your pipes, it can cause a variety of issues, including poor drainage. At Peter's Plumbing Inc., we have access to the right tools to easily removes clogs in the most stubborn residential and commercial drains.

Sewer Main Clearing

Sewer main blockages can occur for numerous reasons, including broken pipes, debris within the pipe, tree roots, and more. Our team can investigate your home or business's sewer main using state-of-the-art video inspection technology for accurate and easy repair or replacement.

Pipe Repair & Replacement

If you own an older home, your old pipes may be failing or beginning to deteriorate, leading to contaminated drinking water and low water pressure. We have years of experience repairing plumbing systems and can even replace your entire system if needed.

Toilet Installation & Repair

Just like any other part of your plumbing system, your toilet may need to be repaired and eventually replaced. Our team can install a new toilet that is more cost-effective and less prone to breakage than your old one.

Bathroom Remodel

Is it time to refresh the look of your home's bathroom? Then choose a knowledgeable and licensed team for your bathroom remodel service. We offer complete bathroom remodeling services designed to maximize space and improve the beauty and value of your home.

The Area’s Best Choice for 24/7 Emergency Plumbing

As a locally-owned and operated business, we are the trusted experts for all of your commercial and residential plumbing service needs. We have assisted hundreds of customers throughout the area with complete plumbing solutions throughout our years of service. We understand that repairing or replacing your home’s plumbing may seem like an expensive project, which is why we offer money-saving promotions as well as special financing options for our customers. Contact us 24/7 for all of your plumbing repair needs.

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