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Sump Pump Installation by Peter's Plumbing Inc.

Home and business owners throughout Cutler Bay, FL, trust the experts at Peter's Plumbing Inc. to keep their basement and crawlspace dry with sump pump service and interior foundation drain installation. We have access to high-performance sump pumps that provide reliable water removal. Our knowledgeable and licensed team of technicians will visit your property and make recommendations on how to best keep your home or commercial space water-free. Water can cause significant damage to your property, and the experts at Peter's Plumbing Inc. have the technology to ensure your home or office stays dry. Contact our team today to get started.

How Water Can Damage Your Home

sump pump in residential basement

If not quickly and properly removed, rainwater can enter your basement or crawl space and wreak havoc in your home or office. At Peter's Plumbing Inc., we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure your basement stays dry with a sump pump and interior foundation drains. If your notice excessive moisture or, worse, standing water in your basement or crawlspace, it can lead to numerous issues, including:

  • Pest Infestation – Most pests, including mice and roaches, only need two things to survive: a steady food source and water. If your basement has water, pests may proliferate in the space and invade your home.
  • Foundation Rot and Decay – Continual moisture will eventually lead to rot and decay of lumber used to build your home. Even treated wood can begin to degrade in as little as one to three years, which leads to safety concerns and more expensive repairs.
  • Mold and Mildew – Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments such as wet basements and crawl spaces. Mold spores especially can get in your home’s air and cause serious health concerns, especially in those with allergies.

Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Sump pumps are an important tool when combating water In your basement space. A sump pump has a basin that fills with groundwater. Once filled, it triggers a switch that siphons the water out of your basement and away from your property. Sump pumps are a convenient and easy way to help keep your basement dry. At Peter's Plumbing Inc., we offer sump pump replacement and repair services. Even if a different company installed your sump pump, we can make the necessary repairs to protect your home from water damage. Our team is licensed and trained to handle any repair.

Interior Foundation Drain Installation

For properties that need a higher level of protection against stormwaters, the experts at Peter's Plumbing Inc. may recommend an interior foundation drain installation system. Our team will install piping around the foundation wall that collects rainwater and diverts it out of your home or into your sump pump. Interior foundation drain systems are the most comprehensive means of water protection for your property. Contact our technicians today to get started.

Professional, Licensed, and Insured Plumbing Expert